The covenant is protected by a spell that hides it from mundane eyes.

The covenant has the appearance of a great tree. Clouds form its foliage whilst tunnels beneath the structure stand in for roots.

Produced by air, a song of the stars whistles about the rooftop, and the air focuses into a lens.

Top floor

{Claudius }
Fomerly Arbora’s Sanctum. Vis Moss

{ Simon }
Fomerly Speculus’ Sanctum.

{ Luscinia }
Fomerly Ferros’ Sanctum.

{ Hypatia/Communal }
Small Lab and a library

{ Gideon }
An unremarkable lab

{ Communal }
The Ground floor. A dining table has been set up here.

{ Lillith }
An underground lab, its previous contents appear to have been dragged away.


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