Sherwood Covenant

Session on 7/08/2014

Retiring to their rooms in the small Inn, the party arrange to speak with an elderly miner, and Gideon uses his magics to draw further information regarding the village’s relationship with the ‘Giver of Gifts’. The miners seemed to provide small offerings of food and trinkets to the being every month, and in exchange new seams of ore would frequently be discovered. The first piece of ore of a new seam was known to produce particularly fine iron, and examining a piece Lillith determines that it seems to have brought out the full talent of the local smith.

Upstairs Simon once again begins a Labyrinth meditation, reflecting upon the obelisk, and the baby’s screams begin to sound again. He becomes aware of another presence in the labyrinth with him and determines that a young mind is there, currently being comforted by a mother.

In an attempt to quiet Simon, Hypatia coddles him like a child and sings him a lullaby, whilst the other magi keep the inquisitive staff of the tavern at bay.

Simon determines that the child has an important choice to make, and the pressure of the decision is weighing upon it heavily. However it lacks the intellectual development to make the choice itself and he is concerned about the dangers of choosing for the babe.

The magi visit the Lady Ashfield and pushing past social nieceties observe that her sexless child appears to be made of earth and metals. Apparently she bid her husband seek the blessing of the Giver and this was the result. When the child was born her husband fled to London in horror and disgust and spread word that the lady had miscarried. Slightly reassured by Lillith that the Order of Hermes know how to deal with such strangeness Lady Elaine begs the magi to remove the curse from her child.

The magi travel into the mine and locate the giver’s corpse forming a great column through the centre of the workings. Simon touches the stone and begins to get drawn into it. Realizing that if he merges with the giver he can spare the child from the pressure of becoming one with its patron/parent, he urges the other magi to get clear and hurls himself into twilight.


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