Sherwood Covenant

Session on 28/08/2014

Alexia Arrives

The magi explore the mine following Simon’s disappearance. They find that a Mentem effect is now present within, luring the unprotected into a meditative trance. Those so effected are guided into a regio containing a landscape of mirrored surfaces, and there they mine for ore and insights.
Lillith allows herself to be taken by the effects and mines a couple of pawns of combined Terram/Mentem vis. Through cunning application of a nasty wound and a temporary painblocking spell, Hypatia is able to snap herself out of the trance and then wake Claudius and the pair are able to sensibly view the location, though it seems that being out of the trance little there makes much sense.

Leaving the mine for now, they journey to Ashfield manor where the lady is delighted that her child seems to be recovering, reverting to a more human form. The magi indicate that they are still interested in the mine and advise that others are kept out for now. Lady Elaine agrees to speak to them again once she has had some time for her child to complete its transformation and hopefully her husband has returned from court.

Upon their return they learn that Alexia has come to the covenant, her Parens Phoebus having apparently made an arrangement with Cymbulus in exchange for a favour. The other magi discuss the issue and agree to admit the new maga in exchange for access to a spell from Cymbulus’ library and 4 pawns of vis to recover the cost of growing a new room.


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