Sherwood Covenant

Session on 12/12/2013

Escape from Brock's Regio

Simon manages to make his way back to the party as the infernally tainted fires close in.

Pulling the cowering Brock from his cubby hole Sir Gilbert ensures he gets up to no funny business as the magi perform a quick interrogation. Under considerable duress from Gideon, and a promise of eventual freedom, he reveals that the Acorn was procured for Gynweith ex Miscellanea, a skilled healer of the Pharmacopoeian tradition living in Cad Gadu.

They raid his quarters and recover a couple of magical artifacts- a wand and a necklace, the latter of Verditius construction.

As the cold infernal fires sweep through the complex, partially slowed by Lillith’s wards, the Magi decide to use Brock’s emergency exist, a runic inscription that opens the way into a labyrinthine passage. Simon adapts the process to remove Brock’s advantage and slightly reduces the infernal influences of the place.

They flee through the dark passage guided by Simon’s intuitions and arrive at a T-junction with no clear correct path. Luscinia spots as a scar appears on his left arm and then moments later as he examines his tattoos for clues he feels something bounce off his Parma. Deciding to trust the scar as a potential intervention of the divine, the party take the left path and shortly arrive in the inferno of the top level of the Regio. From there Lillith tunnels to safety.

Ignus and Sarbella make their goodbyes and the Magi imprison Brock in their warded cell. Gideon sends a message to Julius and recieves word that his filius Marglius will be despatched to assist.


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