Sherwood Covenant

Session 18 - Spring 1221

Heremon arrives and promptly demands tribute from his granddaughter who presents him with a crafted trinket. Heremon explains that the dragon who broke his leg was named Sardonyx, but that he had slain her himself. He has other knowledge of her that apparently he has been bid not to tell.

Claudius visits Nottingham to buy some horses and hears that Princess Joan (age 10) is shortly to travel north on her way to marry Alexander II of Scotland. This apparently has all the county’s nobles on best behaviour.

After some hunting with Hypatia, in which the Maga manages to keep pace with the beast, the dragon speaks privately with Gideon and relates that Sardonyx was the steed of Damhan-Allaidh, leading several other dragons who fought for promises of infernal gold. He fought alongside Pralix, their aerial duel taking them some distance from the raging final battle at Cad Gadu, and together they defeated master and mount; according to Heremon he finally crushed the warlock by casting Sardonyx down upon the hill where the wizards’ warred. Sometime after the war’s end Heremon was asked not to speak of the battle’s details by one of Guernicus’ filia who apparently provided a large bribe.

The conversation is somehow overheard by Geraldus who relays it to Lillith. She in turn tells Luscinia. Heremon then departs to visit London, taking with him a horse purchased by the covenant which he has promised to return if it is not ‘used up’.

Later in the season Claudius finds himself beset by fairy bandits having been led astray by enchanting music. His magic stymies their threats and with some quick talking he learns a little about their motives (to rob the rich and give to the poor) and is guided by to the Covenant.


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