It is the view of the Stonehenge Tribunal that having completed your gauntlet, and now being recognised as a full member of the Order of Hermes, you should be granted the privilege of taking residence in the covenant of Sherwood. There you will have the company of several of your peers, and the fortune to reside alongside the noted Archmage Cymbulus.

Provision will be made to ensure that you are gifted with the necessary articles to establish yourselves within the covenant; laboratory equipment, coin, men at arms and other menials. It is the expectation of this Tribunal that this investment will allow for the complete restoration of Sherwood and the recovery of any knowledge which might have been lost to the Order thereabouts.

Your sodales within the Stonehenge Tribunal express their best wishes in your future endeavours,

Praeco Glaucus ex Tremere

Sherwood Covenant

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