Sherwood Covenant

Session 28

The magi travel to the rabbit clearing and investigate. Lilith is attacked by a giant mole that Gideon determines is being controlled by a powerful spirit.

Through accidentally falling asleep in the clearing whilst the others examine the warrens Gideon descends into a lower level of the regio and finds that the place is in winter and filled with many animals. A large bear appears to rule the domain. Gideon escapes after pilfering some meat from the bear’s larder.

The magi determine that the hostility of the spirit is probably due to the winter aspect of the lower level and decide to return at a later time when the spirit might be more talkative.

They then travel to the Feasting Tree hoping to learn more of the fox who apparently stole Arbora’s acorn. Apparently the Fox had left only shortly before and the magi borrow horses to catch its trail. Lillith is given ‘Old Blackie’ a fae steed that had apparently been to hell and back. The fox’s trail splits 8 ways but following one the magi overhaul a ginger haired traveller and Gideon bargains for so answers. He exchanges 3 truthful answers for one of his own and 3 promising criminal leads.

The Quasitor only asks two questions however and determines that the acorn is now in the hands of ‘The Badger’ who the fox knows as a fence of some variety.

Travelling back to the Feasting Tree they discover that the Badger is known by feared by the procurers of the feast.

Session 27

With the royals safely arrived in York the Magi return to their studies until the end of the season. At the start of Autumn, a year after his recovery from the regio Cymbulus returns from twilight.

The archmage is curmudgeonly and slightly befuddled by his experience but most of all is perturbed by Albertus’ kidnapping. Once he learns of the owl’s location in Charlbary he lightning’s away to begin his search.

Whilst the magi settle down for another season of work they set the grogs to scouring the forest for sites of magical interest.

The grogs identify a number of interesting trees, a clearing containing rabbits that acted strangely and the swamp where they encountered the eel.

The magi go to the swamp and kill another eel. Beneath the surface they discover a shard of the crystal sphere of the firmament and recover it. Gideon is also contacted by the Bjornaer Arbora who asks him to investigate the theft of a magical acorn she has been creating.

Session 26

Abbot Thomas tells Claudius that his vision may relate to some sort of sacrificial bond between him and Princess Joan.

The magi escort the royal party out of the forest on their way to York, however on arrival and the city the rumors of mysterious happenings around the princess provide King Alexander with a excuse to appease some of his dissenters and delay the marriage.

Whilst the rest of the magi journey home, Simon is visited by Glaucus who appears to perform some sort of Rego Animal effect over Cymbulus’ body which stops the quiet hooting which have been heard since Albertus’ disappearance.

The Criamon has a bit of a showdown with the Praeco at the edge of the Aegis, but acts so bizaarely that Glaucus leaves in some bafflement.

Session 23

Hypatia joins Claudius in camp to pass on the White Hart’s news, however the Archdeacon is unwilling to grant her access to the inner circle.

Back at the Covenant Simon is awoken by word of an intruder, investigating he discovers that Cymbulus has been replaced by a simulcram body and apparently abducted. Albertus is also nowhere to be found.
Examining the body Simon identifies the creator’s sigil as being ‘hair’

Out in the forest close to the camp, Lillith and Gideon encounter a black clad figure creeping by, however when the Verditius reveals herself he appears to teleport away.

Luscinia opens up communications between the various mages and soon they are mostly aware of the various problems unfolding. Simon’s discovery leads Claudius and Gideon to identify the perpetrator as being Epiderius ex Flambeau, a murderous corpus specialist who was supposedly killed in a Wizard’s March several years ago. He was alleged to have links to house Diedne.

At the tower Simon and William open up the fake body to find it full of animate hair.

Gideon joins the others at camp but a perdo-imaginem botch near Hypatia soon leads to serious problems as an invisible force of destruction risks endangering the idea camp. Luscina and Hypatia locate and diagnose the problem and Gideon eventually resolves it though this results in a enormous explosion of imaginem effects.

Out in the forest Lillith encounters a large number of ‘Merry men’ massing nearby, however she is able to identify them as illusions. She is contemplating sending out Geraldus with a message when she hears the boom from camp.

Hypatia escapes in the confusion of the blast and returns to the royal encampment dressed and disguised as a squire.

Session 22

The message came from the grogs who are concerned for the village women who they may have mislead about the virility of fairies.

Claudius suffers several mishaps whilst following the royal train. There is a suspicion that the princess may be gifted.

The White Hart informs G,L&H about an attack upon the Princess the following day.

Session 21

The magi argue for a long time about what to do with Robin.
Gideon bewitches Robin to believe that he’s in hiding.
Simon and Gideon create a warded cell to hold their prisoner.
Tom mentions that he met a redcap who told him much of the order.
There are tons of Scots about.
The Sheriff and Archdeacon insist that the Magi take responsibility for Robin.
Luscinia recieves a strange note asking if one can get pregnant by a fairy.

Session 20

The magi’s trap works almost perfectly and it is not long before their ‘merchant caravan’ is led off course by the fae bandits. The trap is sprung and the merry men are soon overwhelmed by the Gideon/Lillith skeetshooting team and Claudius’s instant brambles. The leader, Robin, proves a bit more of a handful though Luscinia’s illusions and Hypatia’s swordwork stop him from doing any harm before he is finally brought down.

Back at the covenant the magi consider what to do with their prisoners whilst Simon scrys upon Robin’s creator. The spell gives no clear answer but he receives impressions of the colour red before it slams against some sort of Hermetic defense. Simon’s later interrogation results in a twilight episode that imparts Robin’s desire to selflessly assist the poor to the Criamon however he also learns the locations where the stolen gold has been invested.

Session 19 - Spring 1221

Using the proceeds of Lillith’s labwork the Hypatia is able to heal the mute child Nathaniel. Having been reassured as to his status as a potential apprentice, Nathaniel is encouraged to observe the magi using his second sight. Lillith and Hypatia are gratified by the draconic and literary natures of their respective gifts however Nathaniel’s reaction to Luscinia is more confused due to her Bjornaer nature, but his agitation on viewing Simon rather perplexes the magi. Nathaniel claims that Simon is not a person, but Claudius witnesses an angelic intervention that appears to calm the child.
It transpires that Hypatia spent much of her apprenticeship studying the hermetic theory of Second Sight, and is able to give Nathaniel a reassuring talk about his talents. The magi send out notice to their parens that they a child ready for apprenticeship, though there is an inclination towards a Criamon who will be able to cope with his twilight experience.

They receive a letter from Regulus ex Merinita requiring payment in vis for his consultation upon the Golden Lion.

Worried that the fairy bandits may cause a problem for Princess Joan’s trip up towards York, the magi travel to Nottingham and alert Sheriff Fitzwilliam of the issue. After the intervention of the Archdeacon the magi are sent home with notice that Father Alan will call upon them if needed.
Not trusting the Sheriff’s mundane search parties however the covenant decides to lay a trap for the green-clad outlaws and creating a merchant wagon of extraordinary riches sets out into the forest…

Session 18 - Spring 1221

Heremon arrives and promptly demands tribute from his granddaughter who presents him with a crafted trinket. Heremon explains that the dragon who broke his leg was named Sardonyx, but that he had slain her himself. He has other knowledge of her that apparently he has been bid not to tell.

Claudius visits Nottingham to buy some horses and hears that Princess Joan (age 10) is shortly to travel north on her way to marry Alexander II of Scotland. This apparently has all the county’s nobles on best behaviour.

After some hunting with Hypatia, in which the Maga manages to keep pace with the beast, the dragon speaks privately with Gideon and relates that Sardonyx was the steed of Damhan-Allaidh, leading several other dragons who fought for promises of infernal gold. He fought alongside Pralix, their aerial duel taking them some distance from the raging final battle at Cad Gadu, and together they defeated master and mount; according to Heremon he finally crushed the warlock by casting Sardonyx down upon the hill where the wizards’ warred. Sometime after the war’s end Heremon was asked not to speak of the battle’s details by one of Guernicus’ filia who apparently provided a large bribe.

The conversation is somehow overheard by Geraldus who relays it to Lillith. She in turn tells Luscinia. Heremon then departs to visit London, taking with him a horse purchased by the covenant which he has promised to return if it is not ‘used up’.

Later in the season Claudius finds himself beset by fairy bandits having been led astray by enchanting music. His magic stymies their threats and with some quick talking he learns a little about their motives (to rob the rich and give to the poor) and is guided by to the Covenant.

Session 17 - Winter 1220

Hypatia decides to stick her nose into Gideon’s affairs with the Grand Lady of the Hunt. With Luscinia’s help she prepares some delicious if odd smelling ‘bork’ and heads into the forest to attract some wolves to deliver a message.
She is eventually successful but not before attracting the attention of a strange boar-like creature with scaled skin and flame billowing from its snout.

Gideon finds a strange message scratched into his chest when he returns in the morning, but unable to decipher it he keeps the knowledge to himself.

Visiting the Feasting Tree Hypatia and Luscinia learn that the Grand Lady is one of the three wives of an Arcadian king known as the Golden Lion. Calling on Claudius’ knowledge of who’s-who in the order they dispatch a missive to Regulus ex Merinita, a magi with long standing relations with the Lion.

When they travel to the feasting hall only a single wolf has attended their meeting and is unable to communicate with them. Eventually Geraldus has a growled conversation with the beast and in terrible Latin burns ‘Are you ready to kill the king?’ into a table.
Concerned and surprised, Gideon admits his possession of the message and Luscinia determines that it is a fairy script but in some manner of code. The Master of Revels helps to translate the fairy text into a Latin equivalent.


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