Sherwood Covenant

Session 3

The next morning the group is posed with two difficulties. Claudius’ scribe Carlotta is missing somewhere out in the forest and more importantly the large chest containing the books that had been gifted to the covenant has yet to be found!

Whilst William the Steward headed into the villages to search for a carpenter the Magi bravely set out to reclaim their lost possessions. Travelling into the forest they encounter Tom Forester who warns then that Carlotta appears to have fallen into the clutches of a group of local bandits. Some scrying later the group determines that Carlotta is currently unharmed and seems to think herself in control of the situation. The magi decide to split up, Claudius and Gideon going to retreive the errant scribe along with most of the grogs, while the other magi will retrieve the chest.

The magically enhanced noses of the chest-hunters soon lead them towards a boggy swamp and after some mucky trudging (partially abated by terram manipulation) the group find their treasure sunk to the bottom of a deep pool. Anxious to raise the precious books from the water Hypatia Regos the chest up and out, but as it breeches the surface a shimmering metallic eel leaps from the pool and entwines itself about the Tytalus maga.

Meanwhile Tom leads the other party to the bandit’s hideout and Gideon quickly eliminates the guard with his ancestor’s gift. Claudius sneaks forward and attempts to communicate with his agent but his magic twists and his words are conveyed to the ruffians instead, who promptly panic and grab for their weapons.

At the pool Hypatia hurriedly summons her blade as the creature continues to crush her fragile body. Luscinia’s potent animal magic is deflected by the creature’s magic resistance whilst Lillith finds the local earth difficult to control, shooting a crystal shard through her own palm. Simon has rather more luck moving the eel’s magicl potential out of its razor scales and into its innards.
Having recovered from their shock the mage’s next actions are rather more effective. Luscinia shrinking the eel to a fraction of its former length whilst Lillith punctures it with razor sharp crystal. The creature attempts to flee but Simon scares it with a brief illusion, and as it hesitates Hypatia scythes it in two with her greatsword.
Wounded but triumphant the magi carry the chest and dead eel home.

At the cave Gideon and Claudius mow through the panicked bandits with ease, immobilising 3/4 of their number in a few instants whilst the grogs and Tom Forester see to the rest. Deciding that they might have use for some additional manpower, Gideon filters out the truly bad sorts and having seen the blackhearted villains hanged they take the rest home to be trained as grogs.

Session 2

The magi are joined by their remaining sodales, Gideon and Simon, who had encountered a considerable amount of difficulty in navigating the forest.

Simon canvases his new home with an eye for Vis and detects some potential in a patch of moss on the wall of one of the laboratories. He also spots a glimmer of something further out into the forest.

Exploring the tower the magi locate a door to a basement and decide to head within to check it out. Lillith lights the way with a number of floating orbs and the group discovery an empty room below with a number of tunnels leading out of it. More alarming however is the faintly audible sound of slow, massive breaths emanating from two of the passages. Gideon returns to the entrance, creating an illusion to be his scout in the dark; he is soon joined by Simon who watches inquisitively.
The others proceed down the passage and between the breathing and faint light of a jet of flame filling the passage further down conclude that a dragon lies within. Shortly after this realisation Gideon finds his illusion snuffed out by a potent magical force and the rest are addressed by a titanic voice which informs then that they have broken some agreement.
Simon decides to join the others whilst Luscinia creates a fine melody that seems to somewhat ease the beast’s disposition. Scenting Lillith’s draconic heritage the dragon invites her to come forward, promising safety for herself and one companion. Hypatia and Simon go with her, the Criamon seeming quite unconcerned despite Hypatia’s claiming of the ‘plus one’ position.

Travelling up the passage the magi are greeted by the sight of a great reptilian eye. Further conversation with the creature determines that the bargain was that it must remain in the chamber here so long as it was not disturbed. Unsurprisingly it seems pleased at the intrusion, however it still demands gifts from its visitors and is frequently insulting about Lillith’s parentage. Hypatia is able to win its approval with some formal debate and the dragon seems agreeable to its great deeds being recorded at a later date.
Before they leave the dragon observes that it has met a criamon before and warn’s Simon to tread carefully when walking through labyrinths. It refuses to give its name and suggests to Lillith she speak to her grandfather Heremon about the one who broke his legs.

Their underground excursion done, Claudius reveals his theory that the tunnels beneath the tower are roots whilst the regio above forms branchs with the clouds being leaves. By this understanding the covenant is a great tree and he predicts that come autumn the clouds will disperse and access to the regio will be lost. The magi decide that extracting Cymbulus from the regio before then must be a priority and as a group enter the airy realm.

Claudius summons up circling winds to rebuff the worst of the gale that assaults those within the regio. Once again the assistance of the zephyrs is sought, though this time they find them somewhat less useful. Trudging down the ‘branch’ towards the ‘trunk’ the magi encounter Cymbulus frozen in twilight at the centre of the chamber. Simon attempts to commune with the Archmage by provoking a twilight experience of his own, and comprehending the resultant visions he is able to direct the wizened magus’ body and the group walks him back out of the Regio to safety.


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