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The summae and tractatus of Sherwood


Gifts to the Covenant

A Lvl 15 Qu 15 Summae of every Art

Of Creatures Magnificent and Terrible – Glaucus ex Tremere
Revelations from Neptune’s Realm – Orcus ex Bjornaer
Floating Beneath the Lunar Sphere – Unattributed
In His Own Image: Understanding the Divine Flesh – Cruciatus ex Criamon
Conversations with a Green Man – Pontus ex Merinita
The Sublties of the Inferno – Collated Wisdom of House Flambeau
On the Distinctions between Illusion and Reality – Salutus ex Guernicus
Beauty and Horror: Reflections upon the Mind of Man – Cruciatus ex Criamon
All the Treasures of the Earth – Auror ex Verditius
A Gift to the Gifted – Oculos ex Bonisagus
Words of Creation – Romulus ex Mercere
Unlocking the World of Pure Knowledge – Oculos ex Bonisagus
Shaming the Seasons: Changes beyond Nature’s Ken – Cena ex Misc.
To Dust Return – Tridenti ex Tytalus
Donning the Crown – Glaucus ex Tremere



Considerations upon A Universally Applicable Defence against Magics – Bonisagus – Parma Magica – Quality 10, LVL 5
The Principles of the Bonisagan Theory – Trianoma – Magic Theory- Quality 15, LVL 5
A Guide to the Subtle Arts Employed in Magical Practice – Urskine ex Jerbiton – Finesse- Quality 12, LVL 5
On the Offensive Applications of the Sympathetic Connection – Darius ex Flambeau – Penetration – Q 12, LVL 5
Collected Meditations and other Mental Exercises conducive to Enhancing Focus – X ex Criamon – Q12, LVL 5


Symphonia Armoniae Celestium Revelationum – Hildegard of Bingen – Astronomy/Music 13
5 Ballads of the Evening: Commentary on the art of good Bar Songs – Laelius ex Mercere – Music 9
From the mouth of babes: Insights on the practice of the Hermetic Art from children beneath the age of seven – Intuita ex Criamon – Magic Theory 10
Built in a Day: An examination of ‘Construct the Welcoming Tavern’ – Romulus ex Mercere – Creo 12
Suitable Runes for the Enchantment of Living Furniture – Salea ex Verditius – Verditius Magic 3


Library- Books

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