Cymbulus' Library

The library inside Albertus contains at least the following:


CrAu- Finger of Lightning 25 (Touch range)
CrAu – The Incantation of Lightning 35
CrAu- Unleash the Hungry Lightning 40 (Group Target)
InAu – Whispering Winds 15
InAu- True Sight of the Air 15
InAu – Speak with the Storm 30
Mu(Cr)Au- Unleash the Stinging Fog 30
ReAu- Ward against the Spirits of the Air 25
ReAu- Sieze the Tongue of the Skies 35 (Structure Target Lightning collector)
ReAu Gathering of the Stormy Might 40
ReAu Call Forth the Shroud of the Heavens 60 (+3 Year, +1 Size)

CrCo – Preservation of the True Friend 35 (Heal Incapacitating Wound)
InAn – Opening the Tome of the Animal’s Mind 25
MuAn – Bestow the Favour of the Storm 30 (Makes an animal resistant to strong winds and immune to lightning)
ReAn – Call for a Murder 30 (Summons a flock of crows)
Re An – Command the Conspiracy 35

MuCo(Au) – Body of Light and Fury 35 (Conc duration)
MuCo(Au) – Become the Storm 45 (Moon duration)

InVi Piercing the Magical Veil 20
InVi Sight of the Active Magics 40
PeVi Unravelling the Form of Auram 30
ReVi- Maintain the Demanding Spell 25
ReVi- Open the Intangible Tunnel 25
ReVi- Circular Ward against Demons 25
ReVi – Aegis of the Hearth 50

Songs that move the Sky – Engel of the Blue Hair – Whistling up a Wind – Qu 10 Lvl 8
For Albert from Cymbulus – Legend Lore – Qu 9 Lvl 5 (Albert is holding this)

Dining on Purest Air – Mystery Cult Lore: The Wardens of Lost Quintessence – Qu7


Cymbulus' Library

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