Sherwood Covenant

Session 28

The magi travel to the rabbit clearing and investigate. Lilith is attacked by a giant mole that Gideon determines is being controlled by a powerful spirit.

Through accidentally falling asleep in the clearing whilst the others examine the warrens Gideon descends into a lower level of the regio and finds that the place is in winter and filled with many animals. A large bear appears to rule the domain. Gideon escapes after pilfering some meat from the bear’s larder.

The magi determine that the hostility of the spirit is probably due to the winter aspect of the lower level and decide to return at a later time when the spirit might be more talkative.

They then travel to the Feasting Tree hoping to learn more of the fox who apparently stole Arbora’s acorn. Apparently the Fox had left only shortly before and the magi borrow horses to catch its trail. Lillith is given ‘Old Blackie’ a fae steed that had apparently been to hell and back. The fox’s trail splits 8 ways but following one the magi overhaul a ginger haired traveller and Gideon bargains for so answers. He exchanges 3 truthful answers for one of his own and 3 promising criminal leads.

The Quasitor only asks two questions however and determines that the acorn is now in the hands of ‘The Badger’ who the fox knows as a fence of some variety.

Travelling back to the Feasting Tree they discover that the Badger is known by feared by the procurers of the feast.


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