Sherwood Covenant

Session 27

With the royals safely arrived in York the Magi return to their studies until the end of the season. At the start of Autumn, a year after his recovery from the regio Cymbulus returns from twilight.

The archmage is curmudgeonly and slightly befuddled by his experience but most of all is perturbed by Albertus’ kidnapping. Once he learns of the owl’s location in Charlbary he lightning’s away to begin his search.

Whilst the magi settle down for another season of work they set the grogs to scouring the forest for sites of magical interest.

The grogs identify a number of interesting trees, a clearing containing rabbits that acted strangely and the swamp where they encountered the eel.

The magi go to the swamp and kill another eel. Beneath the surface they discover a shard of the crystal sphere of the firmament and recover it. Gideon is also contacted by the Bjornaer Arbora who asks him to investigate the theft of a magical acorn she has been creating.


josephwilliams josephwilliams

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