Sherwood Covenant

Session 26

Abbot Thomas tells Claudius that his vision may relate to some sort of sacrificial bond between him and Princess Joan.

The magi escort the royal party out of the forest on their way to York, however on arrival and the city the rumors of mysterious happenings around the princess provide King Alexander with a excuse to appease some of his dissenters and delay the marriage.

Whilst the rest of the magi journey home, Simon is visited by Glaucus who appears to perform some sort of Rego Animal effect over Cymbulus’ body which stops the quiet hooting which have been heard since Albertus’ disappearance.

The Criamon has a bit of a showdown with the Praeco at the edge of the Aegis, but acts so bizaarely that Glaucus leaves in some bafflement.


josephwilliams josephwilliams

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