Sherwood Covenant

Session on 01/05/2014

Semitae visits

At breakfast Metella expresses an interest in Simon’s study of mirrors.

Gnaeus negotiates some exchanges with the convenant:

Access to the Parma text for their votes on a matter of the peripheral code in the next Tribunal.

Salea’s construction of a beehive in exchange for Duncan’s assistance for 2 seasons plus either a magical wood or 4 Herbam + an introduction to Heremon

Lillith agrees with Duncan that after his service to Salea they will take some action against dwarfs. She is enthusiastic about discovering one of their vaults and informing Heremon.

They visit the Lord of the Forest who is a child of Spring at this time and he agrees to grow them a magical tree if they can bring him the heartwood from a potent tree in another forest.

They are deposited next to the tree they believe to have once been a druid.


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