Sherwood Covenant

Various Happenings

Alexia, Hypatia, Claudius and Luscinia head off to High Peak park to try to collect the heartwood of a prominent tree to exchange with the Lord of the Forest

They meet a Gyrfalcon of Virtue named Harald who challenges Hypatia to a contest for the rights to take the wood from its home. The contest leaves both parties injured but Hypatia the victor by virtue of not having been eaten. Claudius botches the extraction process and manages to mystically tie the heartwood to his own heart.

Luscinia and Alexia fail to extract a pair of suspicious children from a cave in. They are 95% certain that the kids were actually demons leading them to their doom, but the doubt niggles.

Seeking the other significant tree of High Peak the group meet a fairy dryad called Willow who becomes besotted of Claudius and is convinced to follow them back to Sherwood.

Gideon and Lillith remain at the covenant awaiting the arrival of Marglius, who is supposed to assist with the acorn investigation. Instead Marglius’ servant Morgan arrives, half dead, and they discuss that the quasitor has run afoul of a poisoner.

Gideon summons up his brothers ghost and they discover that the poison was magically empowered by a woman in Stafford who now appears to be dead in a convent. Travelling there they he bluffs his way in and raises her spirit only to have her shriek about witchcraft bringing the nuns down on his head.
Meanwhile Lillilth finds the herblist’s house and speak with her cat familiar who lets slip that she committed suicide. Gideon questions the beast more and discovers that the house was visited by a Redcap from Cad Gadu shortly before the incident.
Lillith manages to convince the nuns that they should investigate whether the death was a suicide, however they warn that the local bishop will be informed of the Order’s involvement in this matter.

Session on 4/09/2014
Summer 1222 Ends

Claudius goes to speak with the Abbot:

Upon Claudius’ return, he will ask to see everyone and will announce the following to whoever shows up:

“So I’ve been to see the Abbot and, well, he’s rather a perceptive fellow so it seemed like deception was not going to go well.

I’ve thus had to tell him (most of) the situation about the Arch Deacon – namely that “a wizard done it”, said wizard is an associate of ours (though I was vague about how close an associate), that we have the Arch Deacon now and that we’re working to fix it.

He would like the Arch Deacon returned to his former self and wants to check in on his progress. As in, he wants to come here and see the Arch Deacon within the next few days (though we can possibly move the meeting to Allerton Church if Father Allen consents) to check the Arch Deacon isn’t being held in terrible duress. I have explained that the Arch Deacon doesn’t appear himself right now, but he explained that God will show him the truth (we would say that he has quite powerful Second Sight).

He also wants to see the Arch Deacon in a house of God (preferably the Abbey) when the treatment is complete but before a return to duties and wants that meeting within 6 months (which Remus tells me is easily achievable).

Lastly, I explained that the Arch Deacon may not wish to return to his duties when he is restored to his normal self (at least, he may wish to extend his sabbatical) and that would not be something I would force.

I hope you’ll all agree that this was one of the least-bad outcomes given the circumstances."
The other magi bring Alexia up to speed on their various adventures and incidents over the past couple of years. Alexia reveals that she is the daughter of the Black Unicorn, a faerie king.

The Summer season passes.

Session on 28/08/2014
Alexia Arrives

The magi explore the mine following Simon’s disappearance. They find that a Mentem effect is now present within, luring the unprotected into a meditative trance. Those so effected are guided into a regio containing a landscape of mirrored surfaces, and there they mine for ore and insights.
Lillith allows herself to be taken by the effects and mines a couple of pawns of combined Terram/Mentem vis. Through cunning application of a nasty wound and a temporary painblocking spell, Hypatia is able to snap herself out of the trance and then wake Claudius and the pair are able to sensibly view the location, though it seems that being out of the trance little there makes much sense.

Leaving the mine for now, they journey to Ashfield manor where the lady is delighted that her child seems to be recovering, reverting to a more human form. The magi indicate that they are still interested in the mine and advise that others are kept out for now. Lady Elaine agrees to speak to them again once she has had some time for her child to complete its transformation and hopefully her husband has returned from court.

Upon their return they learn that Alexia has come to the covenant, her Parens Phoebus having apparently made an arrangement with Cymbulus in exchange for a favour. The other magi discuss the issue and agree to admit the new maga in exchange for access to a spell from Cymbulus’ library and 4 pawns of vis to recover the cost of growing a new room.

Session on 7/08/2014

Retiring to their rooms in the small Inn, the party arrange to speak with an elderly miner, and Gideon uses his magics to draw further information regarding the village’s relationship with the ‘Giver of Gifts’. The miners seemed to provide small offerings of food and trinkets to the being every month, and in exchange new seams of ore would frequently be discovered. The first piece of ore of a new seam was known to produce particularly fine iron, and examining a piece Lillith determines that it seems to have brought out the full talent of the local smith.

Upstairs Simon once again begins a Labyrinth meditation, reflecting upon the obelisk, and the baby’s screams begin to sound again. He becomes aware of another presence in the labyrinth with him and determines that a young mind is there, currently being comforted by a mother.

In an attempt to quiet Simon, Hypatia coddles him like a child and sings him a lullaby, whilst the other magi keep the inquisitive staff of the tavern at bay.

Simon determines that the child has an important choice to make, and the pressure of the decision is weighing upon it heavily. However it lacks the intellectual development to make the choice itself and he is concerned about the dangers of choosing for the babe.

The magi visit the Lady Ashfield and pushing past social nieceties observe that her sexless child appears to be made of earth and metals. Apparently she bid her husband seek the blessing of the Giver and this was the result. When the child was born her husband fled to London in horror and disgust and spread word that the lady had miscarried. Slightly reassured by Lillith that the Order of Hermes know how to deal with such strangeness Lady Elaine begs the magi to remove the curse from her child.

The magi travel into the mine and locate the giver’s corpse forming a great column through the centre of the workings. Simon touches the stone and begins to get drawn into it. Realizing that if he merges with the giver he can spare the child from the pressure of becoming one with its patron/parent, he urges the other magi to get clear and hurls himself into twilight.

Session on 01/05/2014
Semitae visits

At breakfast Metella expresses an interest in Simon’s study of mirrors.

Gnaeus negotiates some exchanges with the convenant:

Access to the Parma text for their votes on a matter of the peripheral code in the next Tribunal.

Salea’s construction of a beehive in exchange for Duncan’s assistance for 2 seasons plus either a magical wood or 4 Herbam + an introduction to Heremon

Lillith agrees with Duncan that after his service to Salea they will take some action against dwarfs. She is enthusiastic about discovering one of their vaults and informing Heremon.

They visit the Lord of the Forest who is a child of Spring at this time and he agrees to grow them a magical tree if they can bring him the heartwood from a potent tree in another forest.

They are deposited next to the tree they believe to have once been a druid.

Session on 20/03/2014

The Magi decide to intervene in the supernaturally caused conflict by removing the Archdeacon/Carlotta so that they can hopefully separate the pair, accepting any damage to the Archdeacon’s standing as a necessary evil.

Claudius and Gideon travel to Nottingham and through illusion and mind manipulation, knock out the Archdeacon and inform the Sheriff that he will be going on a pilgrimage for some time.

Session on 12/12/2013
Escape from Brock's Regio

Simon manages to make his way back to the party as the infernally tainted fires close in.

Pulling the cowering Brock from his cubby hole Sir Gilbert ensures he gets up to no funny business as the magi perform a quick interrogation. Under considerable duress from Gideon, and a promise of eventual freedom, he reveals that the Acorn was procured for Gynweith ex Miscellanea, a skilled healer of the Pharmacopoeian tradition living in Cad Gadu.

They raid his quarters and recover a couple of magical artifacts- a wand and a necklace, the latter of Verditius construction.

As the cold infernal fires sweep through the complex, partially slowed by Lillith’s wards, the Magi decide to use Brock’s emergency exist, a runic inscription that opens the way into a labyrinthine passage. Simon adapts the process to remove Brock’s advantage and slightly reduces the infernal influences of the place.

They flee through the dark passage guided by Simon’s intuitions and arrive at a T-junction with no clear correct path. Luscinia spots as a scar appears on his left arm and then moments later as he examines his tattoos for clues he feels something bounce off his Parma. Deciding to trust the scar as a potential intervention of the divine, the party take the left path and shortly arrive in the inferno of the top level of the Regio. From there Lillith tunnels to safety.

Ignus and Sarbella make their goodbyes and the Magi imprison Brock in their warded cell. Gideon sends a message to Julius and recieves word that his filius Marglius will be despatched to assist.

Session 28

The magi travel to the rabbit clearing and investigate. Lilith is attacked by a giant mole that Gideon determines is being controlled by a powerful spirit.

Through accidentally falling asleep in the clearing whilst the others examine the warrens Gideon descends into a lower level of the regio and finds that the place is in winter and filled with many animals. A large bear appears to rule the domain. Gideon escapes after pilfering some meat from the bear’s larder.

The magi determine that the hostility of the spirit is probably due to the winter aspect of the lower level and decide to return at a later time when the spirit might be more talkative.

They then travel to the Feasting Tree hoping to learn more of the fox who apparently stole Arbora’s acorn. Apparently the Fox had left only shortly before and the magi borrow horses to catch its trail. Lillith is given ‘Old Blackie’ a fae steed that had apparently been to hell and back. The fox’s trail splits 8 ways but following one the magi overhaul a ginger haired traveller and Gideon bargains for so answers. He exchanges 3 truthful answers for one of his own and 3 promising criminal leads.

The Quasitor only asks two questions however and determines that the acorn is now in the hands of ‘The Badger’ who the fox knows as a fence of some variety.

Travelling back to the Feasting Tree they discover that the Badger is known by feared by the procurers of the feast.

Session 27

With the royals safely arrived in York the Magi return to their studies until the end of the season. At the start of Autumn, a year after his recovery from the regio Cymbulus returns from twilight.

The archmage is curmudgeonly and slightly befuddled by his experience but most of all is perturbed by Albertus’ kidnapping. Once he learns of the owl’s location in Charlbary he lightning’s away to begin his search.

Whilst the magi settle down for another season of work they set the grogs to scouring the forest for sites of magical interest.

The grogs identify a number of interesting trees, a clearing containing rabbits that acted strangely and the swamp where they encountered the eel.

The magi go to the swamp and kill another eel. Beneath the surface they discover a shard of the crystal sphere of the firmament and recover it. Gideon is also contacted by the Bjornaer Arbora who asks him to investigate the theft of a magical acorn she has been creating.

Session 26

Abbot Thomas tells Claudius that his vision may relate to some sort of sacrificial bond between him and Princess Joan.

The magi escort the royal party out of the forest on their way to York, however on arrival and the city the rumors of mysterious happenings around the princess provide King Alexander with a excuse to appease some of his dissenters and delay the marriage.

Whilst the rest of the magi journey home, Simon is visited by Glaucus who appears to perform some sort of Rego Animal effect over Cymbulus’ body which stops the quiet hooting which have been heard since Albertus’ disappearance.

The Criamon has a bit of a showdown with the Praeco at the edge of the Aegis, but acts so bizaarely that Glaucus leaves in some bafflement.


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